MyMCPS Classroom
Students, Parents & Staff Login Portal

MyMCPS classroom is an e-portal for the students and teachers of Maryland’s Largest School District, Montgomery County Public Schools. MyMCPS is a platform that redefines the 21st Century Digital Learning Environment with elements created to cater to the needs of the staff, students, and parents of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

The mymcps classroom portal was introduced by Montgomery County Public Schools in 2017-18, which replaced their previous digital portal, Edline. Mymcps portal has sections divided for students, teachers, and mymcps parent portal that enable them to access files and information regularly updated on the platform.

Entities Having Access and Features of myMCPS Classroom

Student Portal

Students get access to information and files like grade sheets, assignments uploaded by teachers, class schedules and calendars, upcoming tests, exam preparation material, and updates to any important events in the future.

Teachers Portal

Teachers have access to upload any assignments, student reference materials, class notes, PPT’s, important notices and get access to student reports and submissions. Teachers can access their courses, and they need to add relevant staff members to view their courses. Some teachers upload their assignments on Google Classroom as well.

Student parents portal

Parents have access to their child’s student information and their grade sheets. The portal updates the parents about the progress of their child as well syllabus progress. They have observer permission to the portal and can only view content instead of editing. 

School Administrators

The School Administrators have access to viewing all the courses uploaded by teachers and checking the syllabus structure. People with admin access to the portal have the authority to make relevant changes. These include Principal, Assistant Principal, Assistant School Administrator, Media Specialist, and Staff Development Teacher.

The content on the mymcps portal is divided according to various grade levels and courses. Each grade has access to a specific set of relevant information to their course and previous School year’s academic history.

Middle School and High School

The middle school and high school students have access to:

  • View their previous grades at Montgomery County Public Schools and secondary schools.
  • Access to view their attendance and checklist data for each month/year.
  • View their current courses and class syllabus schedule.
  • View their preferred courses and select courses according to the teacher’s recommendation. 
  • Access to their credit summary. A Credit Summary shows the students their progress in the courses and credits while promoting graduation.
  • View the high school athletics and register. The registration data transfers from each season.
  • View current class grades and access assignments, scores. 

Elementary School

The Elementary school students have access to:

  • View previous semester and year grades at Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).
  • View grades and scores for the current courses.
  • Regularly be updated with scores and class schedules as all grades are posted at the end of each semester.
  • Access to view their attendance data for each month and year with a consolidated attendance percentage.
  • Review and update their contact information within the limited access based on custody concerns.
  • Access to updating the Student Emergency Information form online that transfers appropriate sibling emergency information.

The mymcps portal has login options for Teachers, Students, and Parents. Each login portal will redirect the user accordingly. The login for Teachers is specifically designed for staff members to view their current courses and add relevant materials. 

The Student login is for students to view and attend a course, view assignments, and more. Parent’s login redirects them to their child’s student information, grade sheet, syllabus structure, and much more.

Student logon information Into MyMCPS Portal Login

Mymcps is a web-based portal and can be accessed by using any web browser without any extensions. For students, teachers, and staff members to log in to their mymcps portal, they need to use the username and surname for other MCPS Google apps.

  • Students and Teachers need to browse on This link provides the login setup for a teacher to fill in their credentials.

After entering their registered MCPS username and password, the students and teachers will access the mymcps Classroom Dashboard.

Parent Portal Activation Letter

While students and staff members have the login credentials that take them to their respective mymcps Classroom Dashboard, parents have to get themselves registered. By registering, parents access their Dashboard and show them their child’s student information and classroom updates.

Steps to Register

  1. Each parent of the enrolled student of Montgomery County Public Schools will receive a Portal Activation Letter sent to their registered email address at the time of enrolment. 
  2. The Portal Activation Letter is usually initiated within 1 week of the student’s enrollment date.
  3. The Access activation link provided in the letter is unique to each parent’s email id and student. It is only used to access and register their accounts into the new parent portal. By clicking on the unique link, parents can start their registration process.
  4. The Privacy Statement page states the approval of the information accessed by the online digital platform to be used by staff, students, and school administrators. The privacy statement is approved under the MCPS-vetted data sharing agreement. 
  5. Parents can review the privacy statement with the Terms and Conditions and click accept to continue the registration process.
  6. To complete their portal activation, parents need to set a case-sensitive Username and a Password of a minimum of 6 characters.
  7. A primary email id used by the parent/guardian needs to be provided to receive updates through email with account reset information in some cases.

The registration process is complete, and access to mymcps parents/guardian’s portal becomes active, giving them access to student information and much more.

Mymcps Dashboard

The mymcps dashboard has various elements for students to access, including class notes, assignments, attendance, syllabus updates, and much more. Each section is divided into parts that provide the relevant information and content to be accessed by the digital platform.

The Global Navigation bar is a primary element that gives a view of everything on the mymcps dashboard. It gives students access to sections like courses, account information, latest updates, course calendars and schedules, links to access helpful resources.

The Dashboard has a section named “Account” near the navigation portal. This section redirects the students to their account information settings, ePortfolios, extended files, and user reset information.

Elements on the Dashboard

A user can use the navigation tool that gives access to all sub-sections on the portal in the left corner.

Grades: Students can access their current grades for the semester in the Grades section. It gives them a review of their grades in each course and the maximum score allotment.

Grade History: The Grade History gives students access to grades of previous semesters or Montgomery County Public Schools tests. This also helps them analyze their progress and keep track of their academics.

Attendance: On the mymcps portal, students can access their attendance records for the month or year. The attendance history also shows the attendance of previous years for previously enrolled MCPS Students.

My Schedule: The My Schedule section provides the student’s information and updates about their pending works and their upcoming schedules. This section is divided into 2 categories: Weekly Schedule and Matrix.

  • Weekly: The Weekly Schedule divides the schedule showing the current week and day with information about the course, class name, teacher, and timings.
  • Matrix: Matrix contains the same information as Weekly but is viewed as a horizontal bar that also includes the class period number.

School Information: The section after Schedule is School Information that provides the student’s information about the school and updates them about any notices, Classroom announcements, or any upcoming events.

Account Preferences: This section is mainly available for MCPS parents guardians who log into their mymcps portal. It enables them to change the language of the dashboard, reset any password or change their registered email id.

Student Emergency Information: This section is available to access and primarily contains all the information about an individual student in case of an emergency with preferred contact details. Teachers can access the information for each student, and students can update their emergency information when required.

Syllabus: This section shows the students the syllabus pattern for their current courses, and any update in the course structure can be seen here.

Calendar: The calendar section helps the students get information about due dates, assignments, and any updates posted by the teachers for any specific date.

Course: The course section has various sub-sections under it like: Announcements, discussions, grades, quizzes, modules.

    • The Announcement section is for students to be regularly updated about their course and any changes made by the teachers.
    • The discussion section is for student groups to discuss anything related to the course, doubts, class updates, topic discussions, and more.
    • The Grades section provides grades for each course and the cumulative grade at the end of each semester.
    • The Quiz section includes quizzes and reference questions posted by teachers for students to solve and score accordingly. Each quiz is based on a specific course of the student and the teacher.
    • The Module section includes class notes, important facts, reference materials, and study guides for students to prepare. A teacher may upload files here related to the course whenever required. The files can also be in the form of Google Slides or other documents.

Inbox: The inbox page is for personal interactions between an Individual Student and Teachers related to the course or student progress. The inbox is also open for students to post their queries and resolve the concerned staff member.

Resources: The Resources page contains useful links and documents that redirect Students, Teachers, and Parent/Guardians to the necessary instructions page when they need information regarding some aspects and elements of the mymcps portal.


The MyMCPS perfect web portal can also be accessed on mobile and personal devices through the official mobile application. Apart from the features available on the MyMCPS portal, the application gives extended information about:

myMCPS App Interface
  • Access to the public information about MCPS like news, events, media coverage and articles, photos, and more.
  • The mobile application gives real-time access to grades and notifies the students and parents about falls in grades, missed or skipped assignments, absent remarks, and much more.
  • Common features from the main portal like consolidated attendance, attendance data for the term.


Canvas is a portal that is the same as mymcps, where students get access to course information, assignments, updates, and more.

All the information available on mymcps is linked to the canvas portal and can be accessed by students and teachers of Montgomery County Public Schools. The Canvas dashboard is a little different from mymcps, but the content of each element and subsection remains the same.

Canvas Dashboard

The Canvas Dashboard provides an overview of all the current courses of the student. A user gets to choose the layout of the dashboard with 3 viewing options as per convenience.

  • Card View: The Card view displays course cards for each current course of the student. Each card includes icons that navigate the user to assignments, announcements, discussions, and files under a particular course.
  • List View: The List view displays the courses in an agenda view. The agenda view highlights all the to-do tasks of a particular course. Dates sort the list view, and students can view their previous tasks and upcoming tasks on the same page.
  • Recent Activity: The Recent activity view displays all notifications and updates about each course on one page. The notifications can be any recent announcements, inbox messages, and conversations replies in a discussion.

The Courses list on the Canvas dashboard displays all the current courses of the student and the option to view all other extra courses available that may be of interest.

The Groups section takes you to the current groups and all other groups a student has been added to or any other group the student is involved in. The groups can be study groups, assignment groups, curricular activity groups, and more.

The Calendar and Inbox serve the same purpose as on the mymcps platform by sorting events and dates with any personal or curricular updates and sending messages to teachers and students.

Frequently Asked Questions About myMCPS Classrooms

How do I access MyMCPS classroom from MCPS Website?

A Student, Teacher, or Parent can access MyMCPS classroom from the Montgomery County Public Schools official portal MCPS Website as well as from or from the below link

The option redirects users to the MyMCPS portal with options for Staff, Students, and Guests to log into their MyMCPS account. The staff has the option to log in through registered Google ID or via Outlook.
Students have to log in through their credentials and id’s that the school registers.

Guests have to create their accounts and log in to access information about the courses and features of the platform.

What is MyMCPS canvas?

MyMCPS canvas is the same thing as the MyMCPS portal. Both the platforms have the same content laid out for individual students and teachers. The dashboard can be customized on the canvas into different viewing options for the user to select their preferred layout.

Both the platforms have the primary motive of a digital learning platform that enables online learning with easy access to source material and assignment submissions.

How do I use myMCPS classroom?

MyMCPS classroom can be accessed by any student who is enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools. Each student has a unique profile on the MyMCPS platform with content and information based on their preferred courses and classroom announcements. The portal has sections divided into parts that sort out courses, assignments, discussions and a calendar that lays out all the tasks and upcoming events and submissions.

Teacher and Staff members can also access MyMCPS to upload study materials, modules, course guidelines, schedule classes, and upload grade sheets at the end of each semester.

Parents and Guardians can access the MyMCPS portal via Synergy Parent VUE that takes them to their child’s student information and grade sheets or upcoming even/exam details.

How do I log into myMCPS classroom or Google Classroom?

Teachers and staff members need to login into MyMCPS using the registered School Google ID and password. This will take them to their profile, showing them grade sheets for individual students, their course plan, and uploading assignments and documents.

Students enrolled in MCPS can access their MyMCPS classroom using their registered email IDs and password to get into their profile.

Parents and Guardians will receive a MyMCPS Parent Portal Activation Letter within 1 week of their child being enrolled in MCPS. By following the procedure and accepting terms and conditions, the parents can set their username and password by providing their primary email id and register themselves to the portal.